Street sweeping is most effective when the sweepers have access to the curb. The machines are able to capture the most amount of trash and particulate matter from vehicles. Help keep San Mateo clean by moving your car on your street sweeping day. Can't remember when that is? Find your address below and get free email alerts one day before your street is swept.

The City of San Mateo has many street cleaning routes and schedules that can be hard to keep track of. Certain areas, such as downtown and the North Central neighborhood, have signs which prohibit street parking during sweeping hours. To avoid unnecessary parking tickets the City of San Mateo offers this alert tool to remind you a day in advance of your sweeping schedule.

For the rest of the city that does not have parking restrictions, the City relies on voluntary compliance from residents to keep curbs clear so the sweeping machines can get the most effective sweep. Please help do your part to keep San Mateo fresh and clean by moving your car off the curb when your street is going to be swept.

The Department of Public Works attempts to provide accurate information via 'MyStreet' so that you can better anticipate when you can expect the delivery of our services.

Although we do our best to provide as accurate information as possible, circumstances (such as budget changes) quickly change scheduling of services and may impact our ability to provide current information. Therefore, we ask that you call us when needing information for critical planning purposes.

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